Jitterbug Coffee Porter


Am I the only one pumped that summer is FINALLY coming to an end?! I can’t even begin to explain how amazing it is waking up and not feel like you’re going to die from a heat stroke- okay, probably a bit dramatic…

As Seattle seems to be welcoming Fall, I can’t help but feel a bit nervous for this 75+ degree weather that will be greeting me down in NorCal; but you know what? I won’t let that stop me from scooping up all those roasty, toasty & chocolatey porters and stouts!

Aside from being a huge beer fiend, I also LOVE some coffee (and by some… I mean all of it)! Is it a coincidence that you brew beer AND you brew coffee?? I think not.


The Jitterbug Coffee Porter from Mac & Jack’s Brewery really hit the spot, let me tell you! Brewed with local Caffe Lusso coffee, you get an overwhelming (in a very good way) aroma and flavor of fresh brewed goodness.

The coffee notes meld perfectly with chocolate & dark malt and it leaves slight bitterness lingering on the tongue. With a medium body to it, it felt a little heavy for a porter but that seriously didn’t hinder me from sucking this beer down! This beer seriously just keeps getting better; letting it warm up a bit brought out more chocolate and vanilla notes while maintaining a beautiful level of coffee.


If you have a thing for coffee, porters or both you definitely need to give this porter a try! The 6.3% ABV really snuck up on me but it’s Wednesday and I’m not even complaining about a little beer/coffee buzz!

Bring on the dark beers & sweaters & beanies & all things Fall! Except pumpkin flavored things… you guys can keep all that. 


Cheers Xx

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