Disco Ninja & North Bay Fire Relief


You know when you make a HUGE life decision like, you know, moving to a whole different state? You’d think I’d have some second thoughts, be concerned how far away I was going to be from my family… worried about employment and… driving over 140 miles a day for said employment?

But I can honestly say I haven’t thought about any of those things. I’ve loved being here the last few weeks; I’m finding out who I am and what I want to be, plus I get to see my boyfriend way more than once a month. Win win- right?

Well… California had to go light itself on fire.

Between settling in to California life, trying to get back on track with my health and fitness and now being displaced from the fires… October definitely has tested us a little bit. If you’re looking for ways to donate and help those affected in the Sonoma & Napa County fires, I’ll post a few links at the end of this!

So let’s be honest; when packing up and heading down South to stay with some friends, I made sure to throw ALL my beer in the back of my car. Seriously- it looks pretty hilarious!

Right before the fires all went down I had stopped in at Beercraft in Rohnert Park to check it out, snag some beers and get to know the local scene a little bit better. While I’m missing my Seattle bottle shops… this place is still pretty rad! A few coolers full of a beer and a great line-up of brews on tap for yah; so if you’re in the area definitely go check them out! They’re right off the 101 between Petaluma & Santa Rosa.


While I was looking for local beers to try, I couldn’t help but snag a Disco Ninja from Revision Brewing and Shoe Tree Brewing. Both of these breweries are out of Nevada but… I mean… just look at that label!!

This Northeast-style Hazy IPA was all that I could have ever asked for, and I’m pretty sure it karate chopped my taste buds real hard. The head dissipated pretty quickly, but still left a nice lacing on the glass. I picked up notes of peach, mango and other tropical fruits on the nose and an even juicier flavor with hints of pineapple.

I honestly loved the hop combination of Citra, Mosaic, Galaxy and Amarillo that left a bit of bitterness on the tongue. For a 7% IPA this drank pretty freakin’ smooth!

If you see this around, please snag a 4-pack and thank me later.

Cheers Xx

Fire Relief & Ways to Help

While I love trying beer from different areas, now’s the time we really need to support local Sonoma & Napa County beer and wine. Tourism around this area is HUGE and with a lot of vineyards burning up and businesses being affected, it’s important to still drink up- and, well, support them!

I know that there are a LOT of Pliny the Younger fans out there… and Russian River Brewing Co. has partnered with King Ridge Foundation to help those victims of the fire. And what does that mean? If you donate, you will be entered in to win line cutting privileges for the 2018 Pliny release. Yep. That’s right. You might not have to wait in a line that is nine years long AND you can help those in need! How rad is that?? Click here for more information!

GoFundMe has created a central hub where you can donate to those fire victims as well, and you can find that here. All these have been verified by GoFundMe and are going directly to those victims.

Redwoods Credit Union will also be accepting donations for those victims of the fire and it’ll take you a few seconds here.

If you want a list of other ways to help and donate, check out ABC 7’s list of ways to take action here!

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