Evan’s Brewing Co.


This year was supposed to be it.

You know, with the whole New Year’s Resolutions and things… As I said before, I’m not really one for resolutions but I told myself that I was going to write more. Hell, I was going to write up a S T O R M. And here we are on the 19th day of the year and I’m struggling to even throw some words down on this Mac.

What’s my excuse? Well, chances are I’m too busy scrollin’. You ever get stuck in a never-ending Insta scroll that feels like you were sucked in to a black hole? No? Oh- yeah, me neither…

While Dry January will NEVER be my thing, this year definitely has started out with a little less beer, a little more salad and a lot more weight lifting.


But all things aside, you better believe I’m always down to try new brews like Evan’s Brewing Co.! Okay, they aren’t exactly new. Evan’s Brewing is Orange County’s oldest craft brewery and all started in 1994. With nine staple beers and some special releases, I was able to snag three of their core beers: The Approachable Bastard Session IPA, The Pollen Nation Honey Blonde and The KrHOPen IPA.


The Approachable Bastard Session was packed full of hops, citrus and bitterness. Honestly? A little too bitter for me, but my little taste buds aren’t used to that aggressive bite as it used to be! This beer is great at bringing a bunch of flavor without giving you a high ABV like most IPAs today; at 4.8% you’re going to taste those tropical fruits up front that hop (see what I did there??) into pine and a bitter bite at the end. While it was a bit too much for me, something kept making me go back for me!


Up next was the Pollen Nation Honey Blonde; this one was probably my favorite of the three… and it’s also the one I basically threw down the side of the mountain and ALL over myself. Giving me just a few sips and the rest to the moss and my yoga pants. Seriously. OF COURSE I would do that… this is why I can’t have nice things! For a medium to higher carbonation there was no head retention and it could have packed a bit more honey/pollen flavor, but still pretty good! If you’re looking for an easy drinking ale with a hint of sweet this beer is going to be the one for you!


The krHOPen IPA is a typical west-coast style IPA with big malt character, citrus and a bitter finish. Apart from the malt and bitterness, you still get quite a bit of tropical fruits with a dash of pine and at 6% ABV there’s still a TON of flavor happening. There’s a lot of hop forward flavor that you don’t get it a lot of newer IPAs around town, but it’s probably because these guys are pros when it comes to beers in the OC. The mouthfeel was medium with a good level of carbonation, white fluffy head and some pretty great lacing on the glass!

If you’re looking for some oldschool ales I would definitely check out Evan’s beers! Approachable IPA that are packed full of bittersweet fruit and ales that are easy sippin’!


Also, if you want to invite me on a hike just know that I will probably fall all over the place and drop beers in the middle of the woods… so just a heads up there!

I’m really fun though… I promise…


Cheers Xx

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