7 Still Brewery & Distillery Take Over Nob Hill

Moving to California has been absolutely life changing; I mean, I uprooted my whole life, packed up my little nugget of a car, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. While I landed the perfect job with a company I’m far too obsessed with… things are still working themselves out.

And hey, maybe I’m still drinking about it too.

Loss is something I’m never going to be good at. I’d rather just shove my feelings down and ignore whatever voice inside my head that’s trying to tear me down. I moved to California for some really great reasons… but also for something that ended far too quickly. Moving here meant I lost a lot of friends back home; a lot of relationships that faded away and were left forgotten- but I also lost something incredible that was right here within reach.

So here we are. Seven months in to a big move and feeling like you got kicked back a few steps. As much of an introvert as I am, I still love having my people around. But it’s hard to surround yourself with people, especially in a time where my emotions are all over the place (oh- it’s fine, just random emotional breakdowns I’m fine IT’S FINE).

When I found out 7 Stills Brewery & Distillery was throwing a grand opening party for their new spot in San Francisco, I knew I needed to get there.

I mean… good beer and even better beer folks? SIGN. ME. UP.

I’m lucky enough to find some rad beer people in the area; and when I found out that my gal Milan (Fuhmonday) was also heading to the event solo, we decided to hit it up together!

7 Stills just opened a bar inside the amazing Stanford Court Hotel and they’re bringing all things brewed & distilled to the good people of Nob Hill. We weren’t exactly sure what to expect other than a space for beer and spirits to be intertwined. This hotel bar is chic, classy and everything you could ask for! With ample seating (a little hard for a grand-opening, we’ll be back once the hype simmers down a bit), a full cocktail list AND all their beers, you’re probably going to fall in love with the place. Hell, I know we did!

Aside from great cocktails, beer and whiskey, they will also be offering food and snacks to munch on! We weren’t able to get to the VIP food and drink pre-event event, but the menu will include options like steak, burgers, upscale bar food and I’m sure an ever evolving menu!

So, what are you waiting for?

Get yourself to Nob Hill, catch a ride on the cable car or trek up the hills because this spot is worth it!


Cheers Xx

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