8 Pounds of Hazy

Working a Monday-Friday (mostly) schedule has made me crave the weekends and absolutely dread Sunday nights. Don’t get me wrong– I love my job. I love what I do, the people I work with (well… remotely) and the product I rep; but that doesn’t mean Sunday’s aren’t absolutely bittersweet.

This Sunday was especially that bittersweet feeling for me. After spending the weekend down in Oakland, eating way too many tasty things, drinking all the amazing beer, booch & wine and, to be honest, surrounded by some of the most amazing company, it’s making Monday seem a little too real for me.

While my job isn’t quite conventional, these past few months has taught me the importance of balance: socially, mentally, creatively (does a blog get filed under this????) and keeping myself in check with work. I’m starting to realize how important it is to get out there, adventure and soak up all the shenanigans I can get myself in to! It seems to really help my Monday and starting off the week with a little more motivation and a clear mind.

CRUSHING ALL THE GOALS?! Er, I’ll just keep telling myself that…

I’m not a huge fan of beaches; sure, I think the water is pretty and rocks are cool… but it’s full of sand, children and apparently people vaping all over the place. Rodeo Beach was exactly what the doctor ordered on Saturday though.

After killing myself and my friend Kat at the gym, we grabbed some cheese, crackers and meat, snagged a beer and headed out to find the water! Okay.. honesty time.. we actually went to go find the perfect beer picture. 

I’ve had a ton of beers from Seven Stills Brewing, some of them have been a hit and others have unfortunately been a miss… but this 8 Pounds Per BBL hazy IPA was definitely a hit!

Boasting huge aromas of all that fruity goodness, this 100% Mosaic IPA brings just enough sweetness to keep the fruit poppin’ without feeling too sugary; lots of stone fruit and grapefruit with a nice dank finish helped keep things real… and we’re not talking about that pithy grapefruit, either. Because yuck… ain’t nobody got time for that. Juicy citrus overtakes your tastebuds in a chill, spiked fruit salad kind of way and ringing in at 7% helps keep it crushable but also makes you feel like hey, yeah, I’m feelin’ GOOOOOOD! Who doesn’t want that?!

I’ve been completely over hazy IPAs lately, but this one gave me some serious feels for the style. And if it can look that damn good perched on a rock, how can you not just suck it down?! The medium mouthfeel and perfect carbonation made this 7 Stills beer the perfect companion for us on our little beach day adventure.

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