I’m Anna Scott and I’m a Seattle native living it up in Northern California.

I haven’t always loved beer, but what started as an uneasy curiosity has transformed in to a full blown obsession. I hope to encourage you to order that beer that sounds interesting, to ask questions and get familiar with the beverage. I’ve grown up in a brewers family, and I’m I want to inspire others to follow all their beer passions!

 I want to share my explorations with you, help you find the next  beer your heart desires & make reading and learning about beer fun. We know that beer is complex, scientific and so exciting, but why make it complicated?

While I’m a PNW girl at heart, I don’t stray from trying beers form all over and finding the next beer that will steal my heart! I hope to enlighten you on my favorite brews, some new ones I’m daring to drink & even events I plan on attending.

Follow me as I drink my way around, explore new breweries and taprooms & find the next greatest beer. All photos are my own and same with my writing! Feel free to dive in.

Cheers Xx

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