Balancing Beer


I’m guilty of having a one-track mind. When I have my highs, you better believe I can’t contain my excitement; but with that comes some serious lows that seem to take all my energy and might to get them to go away.

I want to talk about balance. And how you can love beer without making it your whole life AND you can have other hobbies that balance out all those beer calories.

I mean… a moment on the lips forever on the hips amiright?! I hate that saying, but hey… it has some truth behind it!

Before my love of beer really took off, I had a serious passion for fitness. Aside from wanting to be in shape and look good on the outside, it has always been something that kept my head on straight and (most of) my anxiety at bay but also allowed me to push my self physically. Plus growing up playing sports taught me two things: I’m not always a team player (why I like crossfit & weights- me vs. me!) & my body craves movement. With my one-track mind, I tend to get obsessed with one hobby and go full force, pedal to the metal crazy over it.

And that’s what happened with beer.

Do you know how easy it is to lose yourself in a passion? I’m sure at one point in your life you realized that maybe your energy was going towards one thing, or that you were ignoring other necessities in your life,  when it really should be balanced out.

That was me.

If you’ve read my last few articles, you’ll see that I’ve begun to go down the road of self-discovery- and, well, that means taking a step back from beer and really focusing on all areas that make me happy.

So beer & barbells… can that even be a thing?! You see, I need exercise to keep my mood up, my mind focused and my bouts of depression/anxiety to simmer the F out. I would hit the high of working out, eating healthy and seeing results and that get’s me frickin’ PUMPED for everything that’s coming my way… but then, almost instantly, I fall of that high horse and start to indulge in a few more beers, eat that pizza and cake I’ve been craving and then immediately start to beat myself up over it. And that toxic thinking is what has landed me here.

Reevaluating my priorities, figuring out how to balance my interests and keep up with this healthy mindset I’m so committed to may get me to where I want to be… or maybe it’s just another kick (let’s hope not).

I’ve been lucky enough to find some California friends (and still looking… wink wink) that get the balance aspect. Because honestly nothing is more annoying than someone ragging on your diet or poking at you to drink more beer with them (and never, ever drop it). BUT we’re also capable of choosing who we surround ourselves it. I’m not saying that those beer friends I’ve made back in Seattle and around are in any way shape or form bad, I’m just saying that we can choose to surround ourselves with people who support us and our interests or… we can be talked in to that second or fifth beer even if it’s not exactly what we wanted; I’m only saying that because peer pressure and I do NOT get along and my arm can be easily twisted. 

You can love beer and you can decide that it won’t consume your life. Does that mean I’m losing my tastebuds for beer? Hell no. Does that mean I might not be as much fun? Uhm, I don’t know. Maybe? Just because I’m making a conscious decision to not make beer 100% of my life doesn’t mean this beer chick is going anywhere!!

Just balance. Find your balance.


Cheers Xx

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