Finding Your Path


One of my favorite things about beer, other than the social aspect, is being able to photograph it. I love coming up with an idea, hunting out an awesome location and snapping way too many photos.

Before I graduated high school I was completely convinced that I would be a photographer. I saved up a whole bunch of lunch money, scrapped together change and worked my first job to get my very own camera: a Nikon D50. That thing was my child and I thought I was the best damn photographer out there. I mean… for a 17 yr-old.

While my college years were full of ups and downs, 65 changes to what I wanted to major in and, ultimately, earning that expensive piece of paper, my interest in photography was always there. Sure, take a look at my instagram photos from when I first started my beer blog and you’ll probably laugh. It’s amazing to see where things have gone these past two years!

Beer brought me back to that passion. It gave me a why into what I was doing and focusing on. And what it has come down to now is being (mostly) more excited to think about a picture idea than it is to drink the beer.

California has inspired me to do so many things I lost sight of like getting out there, exploring, finding new passions and ultimately pushing myself outside of that pesky comfort zone.
I had amazing ideas for this Faith No S’mores stout from Alvarado Street Brewing. I was pumped to grab all the fixings for s’mores and seriously stuff my face (an excuse to eat everything?? SIGN. ME. UP)! NorCal had a different plan for us… Dustin and I decided to get out there and take some pictures the other day and this was one of the last beers I had in my fridge- definitely not s’mores weather… apparently California in February is 70 degrees?

Stumbling on this field of flowers was something neither of us expected, but that’s what I love about getting out there with a camera and why it’s so cool to have someone to adventure with. My goal after moving down here was getting back in to photography and pushing myself to do things I would usually be uncomfortable with. Like jumping in to the middle of a field… I’m the girl that HATES getting dirty can’t stand bugs and I don’t trust anything I can’t see.

So here I was sitting there thinking some alien monster was going to abduct me and that would be where my story ended.

If you haven’t figured it out, I’m trying to find my passion and really chase it. I’m coming to a realization that the career path I’ve built my life around the last three years might not be filling me up. Remembering what I used to love and coming back to that (i.e. photography) is making it easier for me to figure out where my roots should go. I’m not saying I’m going to go be a photographer… it’s really just clearing my mind and expanding my thoughts.

We get stuck with the mentality that you go to college, you pick something you want to major in and then you get that job. Your whole life will revolve around that one decision you made when you were in your early 20’s. But that’s not what life is about and we don’t have to stick to one path forever. I’m realizing that what I thought was going to make me happy really isn’t all that I dreamt it was going to be. It’s okay to chase a dream, even if people don’t understand exactly what or why you’re doing it. This California adventure I got myself into is showing me a heck of a lot about finding those things that put a smile on your face or doing the things that might give your stomach those little butterflies.

So maybe just go find a field of flowers and plop yourself down.

Get to know yourself. Find what makes you nervous and fills you with excitement. And just. Breathe.


Cheers Xx

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