I wouldn’t describe myself as a tech-savvy type of girl; I mean, if I ever have any issues with my laptop I basically stress text my brother until he gets back to me! Between my lack of patience, my refusal to read through directions/instructions and my short attention span it’s literally not going to happen.

So a big shout out to my friend Dustin for helping me switch over from a to a .org site! And when I say help I mean doing everything, figuring out a ridiculous way to switch it over and keep me from losing my shit.

I always thought of beer as a social things- or at least that’s how I justified it? Whether it was Wednesday night pizza night or dinner out with friends it always seemed to revolve around beer for me. Somewhere along the way I started using beer as a coping mechanism… and I know I’m not the only one guilty of that!

It started to be something I would crave at the end of a crazy day, something I needed when I was in a bad mood or even a great mood. It went from exploring new brews to maybe drinking a little bit too much here, there and everywhere.

Before moving to California I really was just struggling through Seattle and telling myself, and everyone around me, that I’m FINE. Everything is FINE (also isn’t that word f*ckin’ terrible?!). It wasn’t until meeting someone (Dustin) who showed me how to change my perspective; how I could look at my life and actually be in charge of it, make my own rules, forge my own path and how to ultimately start loving myself (ehh still working on that situation). I mean, I’m not one to have a million friends OR take advice… so can I get a pat on the back for this one?

Picking up my entire life and moving to California is probably the ballsy-est, most brave and stupid thing I have ever done with my life. And it’s beautiful and exciting and, well, pretty damn scary. If you know me, you probably wouldn’t say I’m too much of an introvert, but social situations are stressful AF to me; the idea that I was moving to a new state only knowing a handful (two people… so like a tiny little hand) of people really didn’t make that feeling any better.

And not having beer by my side?! Woof.


Okay… I’ll be honest. I’ve turned to beer a little bit but I’m also learning that working through my own insecurities, doubts and feelings is a whole lot easier (AND AFFECTIVE) without it! Plus beer seems to give me this terrible ego where I think I’m holier than thou. Just being honest….

I’m getting to the point where I’m actually starting to figure things out. I’m understanding what I want and what I absolutely don’t have time for. The beer world has been so amazing and fun these past few years, but is that all I’m going to be good at?! Hell no.

This is my California Adventure and I’m just getting started.


Cheers Xx

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