New Year New… IPA?


Another year is coming to a close and I don’t feel like I’m any closer to ever actually sticking to, or figuring out, a New Years Resolution. Okay-I really don’t believe in resolutions, because they’re basically there for the health food brands to make all the money, gyms to spike their sales in memberships and for the saying “New Year New Me!” to exist.

Let’s be real. I kept myself alive for an entire year with minimal accidents (but many bruises- I’m a peach), drank a ton of good beers AND moved 1,000 miles away from home. We can chalk it up to a little bit of a win, right?

So what’s on my 2018 docket? You better believe I’ll be sucking down even more delicious beers, drinking a bit more h2o and treating myself a whole lot better. But mostly beercations. Because priorities.

With all this reflecting and, might I add, figuring sh*t out all on my lonesome, I couldn’t help but feel like Evil Twin Brewing just gets me. I Always Felt Closer To IPAs Than I Did To People not only has a rad name, but the flavors in this bad boy just remind me why I love IPAs… more than people.

Alright… I’m 76% joking. Will Google judge me if I ask ‘how to make friends in a state you know no one’?? Asking… for a friend? DON’T JUDGE ME!

DSC08686This double dry hopped IPA from Evil Twin is packed full of Citra, Amarillo, Galaxy and Simcoe hops giving your mouth all the tropical feels it didn’t even know it needed. With these flavors you would have NO idea this beer is 9%; the lack of booziness is a trap. Drink two of them and you’ll see why.

If the name isn’t drawing you in, just take a look at this beautiful color! The deep golden haze is there to excite you about those floral and tropical flavors; and let me tell you, it’s not going to disappoint! Seriously, how did they fit so much fruit goodness in to one can? Magic. That’s the only way I know how to explain it.

This beer is simply a winner. With it’s medium body, balanced level of carbonation and refreshing hop flavors assaulting your taste buds you really have no excuse to not try this beer. It’s not every day you meet a double IPA so smooth and heavenly. You’ll thank me later.


Cheers Xx

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