So Is This What Hipsterish Tastes Like??

I’ve made it 6 frickin’ months in California with only a few mental breakdowns, questioning my move over 1,000 times, a handful of awesome new friends, three house changes- and, I can officially say that this is the happiest I’ve been in a really long time.

And this isn’t just momentary happiness- or even the kind of happiness that feels like an incredible high (because I’m good at that high/low stuff). No, no, no. I still have my moments of WHAT THE F*CK AM I DOING and feeling a bit (erm- very) hopeless; but overall I feel like I’m actually on to something here.

So what would a move-aversary be without a little beer?


There’s no doubt that when you hear Monkish Brewing, your little ears are probably going to perk up. I mean… hello, HYPE BEERS.

Okay… I’m 78% kidding.

This beer was sent to me from a fellow beer lover down in LA and… damn, is it good. What Do We Call It? Hipsterish, Or Is That Too Obvious? is a collaboration between Monkish Brewing and Evil Twin Brewing. Both these breweries are known for their hazy goodness, and this is NO exception.

This double dry hopped pale ale is packed full of Nugget, Galaxy, Citra and Cascade Hops and a healthy splash of oats to keep those flavors soft and well rounded. Hipsterish is a legit canned tropical fruit party with a heavy dose of orange, pineapple and mango flavors ending with a nice little bitter note from the Nugget hops.

I find a lot of hazy IPAs to be  too sweet, like you’re sipping on the juice from one of those Dole Fruit Cocktail Cups packed full of sweetener, or lacking a bitter backbone to balance it out; but this was exactly what I needed to celebrate my sanity here in California! Seriously, I met a hazy pale didn’t get too insane with the sugary sweetness and the soft lingering bitterness helped, and really held the hand, of the sweetness.

I’m still struggling to find my balance with beer and fitness; I find it hard to finish a whole beer without beating myself up or guilt tripping myself the next day. But when I do drink a whole beer (like this delicious little devil) I realize that all my progress doesn’t immediately dissipate. And I’m not instantly a fluff again.

While I’m trying to be better at giving myself a break, I also want to remember that this move probably wouldn’t have gone so smooth if I was drinking as much as I did before I moved here. That little drunk voice in my head can be a real @ss hole sometimes and noooobody has time for that!

So here’s to a ton more beerventures!


Cheers Xx

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