Westbrook Gose

“The first draft of anything is shit.”

-Ernest Hemingway

I’m not 100% sure why this quote is sticking to me and my feels lately; I have a tendency to want things to work out so quickly, that if something goes off track- even in the slightest, I start to lose my bearings. Whether it’s moving in accepting everything to work out RIGHT THIS SECOND, or moving in to a new position at work and feeling completely out of my element and thinking my life is going to be over.. definitely not dramatic.

The first draft is going to be shit. 

I’m at a place with my new life that I feel like I can finally catch my breath and really soak in everything that is around me. I’ve been living in my house for four months, finally catching on to my incredible job (okay, still feel like I have no idea what the f*ck is going on- but I’m getting there) and finding balance between work/life/friends/relationships/gym.

I find myself sabotaging my own schedule then losing my mind when I can’t figure out why I’m working eight days a week or why I can’t fit 32 hours in to a single day. Oh, right! I did this to myself! I just left my bartending job to focus not only on my career of slangin’ Booch, but to focus on my own mental health. You see, if I work 60+ hours a week, you can bet that I’m not eating healthy (or at all), I’m probably excessively drinking because, hello, we all need to drink our feelings, and I’m guessing my fitness falls off. I’ll admit… I took over a month off from the gym and you did NOT want to cross me.

Face it. It’s easy to make excuses. It’s easier to drink every night than to deal with your sad little feelings. And it’s SO easy to just eat pizza for every meal and pretend you’re wearing leggings because you WANT to, not because you can’t fit in to your jeans (almost true… but seriously leggings are just heaven. And jeans are the devil). 

Part of getting in to the groove of things here in California is learning how to not die from a heat stroke at any given moment. We’re at the peak of fire season, our house is at a nice 95 degrees (I’m just guessing here… but I literally almost burnt my legs off with this laptop) and the only thing I want to do is shovel ounces upon ounces of Gose’s in my face.

I can’t say I’ve had a lot of East Coast beers, and definitely not from any brewery in South Carolina; so when I got this Westbrook Brewing Gose in the mail I couldn’t wait to crack it open! If you aren’t familiar with the style, Gose’s are a sour-style German wheat beer that will typically be brewed with sea salt. Not only are you getting a lighter ABV beer, they tend to be packed full of flavor, offer a bit of brininess and… well, they’re just damn tasty.

This one was no exception. 

The color is that of a typical gose, but that’s not what makes this beer shine. The first sip instantly has me going back for me– hell, I’d knock it back if it weren’t mid-afternoon! Westbrook’s Gose is brewed with coriander alongside the sea salt to really bring out the citrus and floral bits of the spice. The tanginess from the salt brings a little bit of that mouth pucker without giving you warhead face and has the mouthfeel of a wheat beer. Not too tart, heavy or lacking flavor.

If this is any indication of what Westbrook Brewing has to offer, I might need the biggest care package from the east coast (Eh-hem, I’m accepting volunteers).

Whether you’re looking for a beer to help keep you cool on these blisteringly hot summer days or just want an excuse to try something new, you need to get your hands on this beer!

Now, here’s to hoping I find a little more inspiration for some writing!

Cheers Xx

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